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XML Parsing Error in WordPress

I have posted about this problem before, however, since the WordPress Automatic Plugin Updates (WPAU) have been working there is a new culprit for this bug. It appears to be somewhat of a random bug that occurs when you run an automatic upgrade on a plugin.

To catch this bug before it causes an unexpected problem you should check each plugin immediately after running an upgrade. Simply click the Edit button next to Deactivate, scroll to the very bottom of the file and make sure there is no whitespace at the end of the file. If there is whitespace, simply delete it, and save the plugin. See example images

If you do not check your plugins this bug can become a real pain. The main reason is that once it occurs you have no idea if it is in the WordPress PHP, Plugins or Theme files.

Reference Link : Search › xml parsing error

All In The Family Blogging

With 4 family members now blogging it seems like we have turned blogging into a family affair.

My wife writes on several blogs including CelebrityRamble and ProductReviewsBlog

My Brother has 2 personal blogs at This Crazy Cosmos and Daily Rover, he is also the main writer at MusicRamble

My youngest daughter has decided to give blogging a go, just sharing her opinions on what ever stirkes her fancy at Dava’s Space

And of course I write here, Ramble On and CyberCoded along with a few others.

Twitter in the SERPS

While browsing my analytics I noticed a search someone had performed at Google for digsby or pidgin.

Nothing real earth shattering there, but what I did find interesting is that when I followed that search, the very first result is a status page from Twitter.

DIgsby or Pidgen

More and more we ares seeing Social Networking and now Micro Blogging pages get good results in the SERPS. So if you think that what you type in Twitter will only be seen in Twitter, think again. This should be another reason to consider using Twitter as a Social additive to your blogging. Not only can you help drive traffic to your blog with your Tweats, you can gain even more exposure with your status pages.

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A Blog Quest

I am in a quest to find (read) blogs that are profitable.

Oh, there is a catch….

I want to see profitable blogs that are not part of the whole blogging about blogging to show you how to make money blogging while talking about blogging and designing sites that are just intended to make money…about blogging.

Did that make sense?

To clarify this I will start by saying profitable is $100 a month. Yes I know, that is not that much money. But the whole idea is to find blogs that reflect a persons passion for a topic without being about how to make money from that topic.

I guess the question that would be asked might be; If you were not making any money, would that blog you are working on still be important to you?

If you know of any blogs/bloggers that fit this description, drop a comment here or let me know on Twitter

Online Income

Seems everyone wants the answer to the instant online income question.

After spending the last 20 years online in one form or another I can honestly say that there has never been another time that allowed us to make money so easy as there is right now on the Internet. Now having said that, I must also say that it is not as easy as some have come to believe.

I am not going to go through all the ways you can make money online, there are a thousand blogs out there that will do that for you. If you want a real condensed list I would recommend this Shoemoney video.

What I wanted to do today is tell you one thing. Keep an open mind.

Just because someone said this way or that way was good or bad is not enough reason to make your mind up on a system. And be willing to give things a second try. Something that did not fit you 2 years ago may now be a perfect match. As your time online increases and your knowledge evolves so do some of the systems you have experimented with in the past.

If you are really interested in online income, do not take things at face value and give them just 10 minutes of your time. There are no instant fixes. Yes, there are people who have had instant success, but most of those are cases that can not be duplicated due to a lot of factors. The word WORK should not be just another 4 letter word. But try to find the type of work that fits you, your style and your schedule.

Keep an open mind, every now and then go back and revisit things that you have looked at in the past.

You never know, that perfect online income source may be something you have overlooked or even tried before!