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What have I done for you lately

Did I say that wrong, isn’t it supposed to be “What Have YOU Done for Me Lately”?

Nope, you read it right. Here’s the deal. I am better at coding, ideas, editing and almost everything except actually blogging. I have helped several people get the most out of their systems. The most recent person to mention this is Garry Conn in this post where he shows what an awesome day Cyber Monday was for him.

Now this is a rare post for me, I do not like patting myself on the back, but I am doing it for YOU. See, I can help you, more than I can help me. Why? Because I can teach you the things I know easier than I can learn to write posts. So I would rather share with you than see neither of us have success. My only request is you remember me when things I help you with, help you.

I am also looking for partners on several sites. I have some pretty good ranked sites that just need a blogger to help them really take off.

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