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Used Car Database

For quite some time now I have needed and wanted to make a database listing of Used Cars by Year, Make and Model.

I finally have the used car database complete. The result is a database that should help any programmer needing the same information for their used car project.

The Used Car Database currently has over 5,200 cars listed by Year, Make and Model, from 1989-2009.

The data matches what is listed in the Kelley Blue Book which has been the nation’s number-one-selling automotive book, I did this to have a good reference point for data validity.

The file download includes 2 file formats of the database. A CSV file and a MySQL export file. Between these 2 formats, most programmers should be able to incorporate this data into a project easily.

Here is a random sampling of the data.

2002 Saturn SC2
2009 Chevrolet Colorado
1992 Mercury Sable
1994 Dodge Viper
2007 Chevrolet Equinox
1994 Suzuki Samurai
1999 Lexus LS 400
1999 Dodge Durango
2001 Ford Mustang
1992 Buick Riviera

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CyberTweets 2009-02-23

  • Wilco DVD on Record Store Day http://tinyurl.com/c96bom #
  • Now I know I was busy today, I have not posted a Tweet in 17 hours #
  • One game I just never seem to get into, the NFL Pro Bowl http://tinyurl.com/ccztcy #
  • @mashable mentioned this site (http://tinyurl.com/3vj7tg) over 4 months ago, and today it is on Google Hot Trends http://tinyurl.com/ac5yz6 #
  • Best sports to watch while working on a computer? NASCAR or Golf ! #
  • One of the best songs I have heard -> Get Me Through The Night by Jude Cole #
  • @DRHamp Hey Hamp, yeah, and we both know Jude Cole gets overlooked and a lot of people are missing some great music in reply to DRHamp #
  • and a timeless CD, Eagles – Desperado, add it to your collection ! #
  • Grammy Awards http://tinyurl.com/dl3dke #
  • @DeniseKeniston I could be available to help you with WordPress depending on size of the project in reply to DeniseKeniston #
  • Ghost Town http://tinyurl.com/cdpzxg #
  • uploading photos to Flickr from a Habitat for Humanity project I had the pleasure of working on last week with Mississippi Road Builders #
  • Grammy Award Performances http://tinyurl.com/d5ryv7 #
  • Dewey Martin 1940-2009 http://tinyurl.com/c569nt #
  • not even noon yet and I am already worn out for the day #
  • John Mayer Says http://tinyurl.com/dz8w85 #
  • this has been one of the longest weeks I have ever had, big shakeup at the office resulted in me pulling some long hours reorganizing #
  • @golftrainer LOL, I guess it depends on the definition of “cool”? No end in sight for some long hard work days. in reply to golftrainer #
  • Ted Nugent’s Love Manifesto http://tinyurl.com/d57qvq #
  • Working 70+ hours in a week can really throw your schedule off, today feels like it should be Saturday #
  • Finally getting a chance to catch up on email while watching the Daytona 500. #
  • @AllynPaul I used to be a Ford follower, but now follow Dale Jr., Mark Martin, Tony Stewart and I can not stand Kyle Busch #nascar in reply to AllynPaul #
  • Gotta remember not to look at Twitter when I pause the race, lol #nascar #
  • I am a little surprised by the amount of #nascar fans on Twitter, but I guess the sport has a lot of new fans in recent years #
  • That was not Juniors fault that was Vickers fault #nascar #
  • I just love the way people turn on Nascar drivers, lol, if it was their driver its ok, if it is the other guy, its their fault #nascar #
  • @whatimthinking Great point, shows how smart Vickers is, block a lapped down car #nascar in reply to whatimthinking #
  • The Crow: Songs for 5-String Banjo http://tinyurl.com/bx2a8d #
  • I am tired of the term Internet Marketing, think it has a stigma attached, like “used car salesman”, may be unfair, but still there #
  • @GarryConn LOL, but I think the word Marketing is more the problem than the word Internet in reply to GarryConn #
  • @SoftwareEng Nah, we are doing fine, especially since I work for one of the few companies in the area that has lots of work ! in reply to SoftwareEng #
  • Another day, another 14 hours, I am getting too old for this schedule #
  • RT @mashable BREAKING: Facebook Reverts to Previous Terms of Service ( http://bit.ly/n3RKT ) #
  • First iPhone tweet #
  • @AllynPaul

    Thanks big thumbs lol in reply to AllynPaul #

  • Email is easier on iPhone than any system I have ever used #
  • @estesc LOL that may be true in reply to estesc #
  • finishing a long week wife bought me an iPhone #
  • @samrhall wife bought it today so far lovin it in reply to samrhall #
  • @alexreif
    I am a lucky man indeed in reply to alexreif #
  • TwitterFon iPhone app my favorite so far #
  • The #iPhone is addictivel #
  • RT @Deb1010: The media is so blowing up the Daytona Earnhardt “incident.” Get over it already.#nascar #
  • RT @Jen_Niffer: Just feel compelled to say, I miss Rockingham!!! #nascar I agree too many tracks the same #
  • @TwistyRoadsCrvr the apps are the heart of the addiction they make things so much easier in reply to TwistyRoadsCrvr #
  • Songs for Oscar http://tinyurl.com/bvwno3 #
  • after only a couple of days I can now tell why so much as been published and hyped about the #iPhone #
  • RT mahalie: is wondering if there’s an online app like Twitterfon (for iPhone) for the web, I like it SO much better than twitter.com! AMEN! #
  • @sxyblkmn I think the keyword was “Online App”, Twhirl is a nice desktop App, I try not to use desktop apps when possible in reply to sxyblkmn #
  • @sxyblkmn ROFL, nah, that is a common error I see in online discussions all the time in reply to sxyblkmn #
  • @aroselle YES, at least for a geek like me the #iPhone is best technology tool I have ever seen in reply to aroselle #
  • I can not even describe how I really feel about this iPhone best thing I have ever seen #
  • And remember I was there for the first arcade video games too #
  • @waynejohn LOL no doubt about it in reply to waynejohn #