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Domain Name Search Engine

I have found a couple helpful Domain Name Search Engines.

What I look for is a system that will let me key in keywords and it will find Available Domain Names with those keywords. Two such Domain Name Search Engines I found do a good job of giving results, even if the results are not exactly what I am looking for sometimes they can help me see some combinations I would not have thought of.

NameDroppers.com and DomainsBot.com are very similar and both are worth a try.

Just type in some keywords and let them show you Registered and Available Domain Names.

If nothing else, a Domain Name Search Engine can be a lot of fun to see what type of names people have chosen. Trust me, if you think a name is too bizarre, it is probably already taken.

Domain Names Search

I think this has to be the number one way to know that you own too many domain names, or you are just a real geek.

You get an idea for a Domain Name, and that leads you to do a Domain Names Search.

In the process you find out that the Domain Name is already owned, which really brings you down, until you look at the whois record and realize that you already own it.

Please tell me that someone else has had this happen to them, please…..

Google Vehicles Search

Over the last year or so there have been a few comments and blog posts about Google Vehicle Search in Google Base. There are lots of vehicles listed in Google Base and you can search these vehicles using the Vehicle Search page.

This week I have been seeing these results show up in a regular Google search. While doing research on selling one of my older cars I noticed that typing in the Year, Make and Model brought up a new link for the Vehicles Search on the Google Search results page.

Google Vehicle Search

I really liked this option. Without jumping to a bunch of car sites I can get a quick idea of the current selling price of a vehicle. Most of the vehicles listed were posted by Cars.com which is an excellent Car database site, so the quality of the search results were pretty good.

Not sure why, but the results are not showing up consistently. I have tried several different cars and the Vehicles link does not always show up, even for the same car.

Just a note, if you think Blog and Website flipping is something new, Cars and Houses have had a pretty good “flipping” market for years and years. I personally think Car flipping is the easiest of the 3.

Skip lunch and buy a Domain Name

Over at GarryConn.com there has been a flood of comments on his post about Domain Names. It is very interesting to see how others regard buying domain names. While most of us are not rich, buying Domain Names is one of the easiest and cheapest investments you can make online. For less than $10 you can register a Domain Name for a year. If you break that down it comes to less than 3 cents a day!

I have gone through waves when it comes to buying Domain Names. At times I have gotten on a binge and purchased several at a time. But the best practice I have found is to have a plan. Each month I take $10 to $50 of my online income and reinvest it in Domain Names. I also try to launch 1 new site each month with one of these names. I no longer worry about Domain Names I have purchased but not activated. The worst case scenario is I wasted $10 over a year.

If I purchase 24 domain names in a year at $10 each I have only invested $240. So all I need to double my money is to earn $460 over a year on just one of them.

Do you have a plan?