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Cybers Ebay WordPress Plugin

The eBay WordPress Plugin is finally available.

The eBay plugin is very simple but effective. Once installed you input your EbayNetwork Campaign number into the settings, and how many ads you want to appear on each post.

Place the code <?php cybersebay(); ?> within the WordPress loop and you are set.

The first time you use the plugin you will add a Custom Field to your post with the Key name, ebay. And use the value to hold the keyword for this post to import eBay ads. From here on out, whenever you write a post, you can select the custom field key, ebay from the pulldown list and add the keyword you wish to show listings for.

Below is an example from another site. The article is titled “Fun Stocking Stuffers” and the keyword for eBay is “Christmas Stocking Stuffers”

During my testing of the plugin I received a $27 click, and that is certainly the highest valued click I have ever received !

And it is ONLY $17.00 !!

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I am also offering a 50% Affiliate Commission on this product, just click here for the details!

eBay Affiliate Program

I must say I have been pleasantly surprised by the eBay Affiliate program at ebayPartnerNetwork.

I had used eBay as an affiliate before but with very little success. And I have heard all sorts of stories about some of the eBay Scripts and plugins on WordPress sites being very troublesome and causing problems with search engine indexing. This is basically why I put together theĀ Cybers Ebay WordPress Plugin. So far, I have been thrilled with the results.

One of the issues I see with other systems is that they are trying to make an entire site out of a script and that could spell trouble, very little content, and even less original content.

Using a WordPress Plugin for something like eBay gives you the chance to add a nice income stream to a site. It can also help to drive traffic if it does not smother the site with it’s pages.

If you have not tried the eBayPartnerNetwork I would highly recommend it regardless of what script you use.