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Don’t Expose Your Client’s Email Address

This is a common mistake I see particularly with small businesses.

If you send an email and you put all the recipients in the TO: field you expose all the emails addresses to everyone on the list. Although you hopefully do not have any clients that would use this information maliciously it is also considered bad etiquette, and Netiquette (Internet etiquette)

The easy solution is to put an address in the TO: field that you own, and then BCC (Blind CC) the rest of the recipients therefore keeping the email addresses hidden from each other.


Facebook Messages

Facebook Messages will not replace email as a whole, but it does have the potential to help Facebook become a much larger player in messaging. Even before this new release I had several people that I communicated with only on Facebook, and I see more and more of this as we move forward.

The biggest benefit I see with the new Facebook Messages is the history for each conversation. Having a threaded history makes it much easier to keep up with a conversation without having to search through email for things that have been discussed in the past.

I also like the Other folder with the new Facebook Messages to filter out non critical or non important messages.

You can also send and receive images and texts from the interface which I think has a major impact on the younger generations as a lot of them simply use texting in lieu of email.

Gmail Canned Responses

Now this is a pretty useful addition to Gmail, Canned Responses.

If you find yourself answering the same question over and over in Gmail, you can just add a canned response and then set a filter to handle who the response gets delivered to automatically.

This is not the same thing as autoresponders, this is more fine tuned to a specific topic or person and not just an email address. Check out the blog post about it at New in Labs: Canned Responses

One thing I realized quickly, there is no obvious way to add a Canned Response?

You have to do it from a Reply window, once you activate it.

Select an email to reply to and there is a new option link to add a canned response.

iGoogle Monitoring Social Networks

It seems sometimes the best solution is the easy one we overlooked. I have struggled to find the best way to monitor my social networks and communications. The 4 applications I have been trying to keep tabs on seamlessly are Twitter, FriendFeed, eMail (Gmail) and Google Talk.

I liked some of the 3rd party offerings such as Twhirl for Twitter, but I am tired of being tethered to my desktop with software and having all these different tones to announce a new Tweat, or a friend logging into GTalk.

Rediscovering iGoogle was the best thing that has happened for me.

With iGoogle I utilize several widgets to load each application and with one glance I can keep up with everything. Most of these widgets have options for amount of data and refreshing. Also, no more annoying bells and whistles.

The Widgets I am using are :

Twitter – BeTwittered Info : 32Hours
FriendFeed – FriendFeed Widget
GTalk – Gtalk Widget
Gmail – Gmail Widget

Post Via Email On WordPress Blog

I have always been interested in this aspect of blogging but never took the time to slow down long enough to check it out.

This post is being accomplished using the Post via Email options in WordPress 2.51

I am toying with lots of ideas where this could be very beneficial and I
plan on writing up a detailed post on how to set this up easily on a
Wordpress blog.