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CyberCoder WordPress Themes

I finally got around to getting these WordPress Themes cleaned up, organized and uploaded.

The first theme is just an Empty WordPress Theme. This may seem a little silly, but you would be surprised at how many people want this to learn from.

The second theme is a Minimal WordPress Theme that may not be the most beautiful theme you can find, but it is very functional and does very well on Niche sites where the primary focus is driving traffic from search engines and converting that traffic into income.

Empty WordPress Theme

When I started this project I created an empty WordPress Theme and started from there. I have posted this Empty WordPress Theme so anyone can see what it looks like. I will also try to add a download to it so if you want to start a theme from scratch you can see exactly what the base looks like.

The Theme is two files. Style.css and Index.php. The Stylesheet is empty except for Author and Naming conventions.

Link : Empty WordPress Theme