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How To Post On Facebook Page As Myself

With the new Facebook Page layout we can finally post or comment on a page with our personal account, or with the page account. Before this change you could only post or comment on a Fan page as the page itself.

To switch between accounts, click on the Account pulldown box at the top left of your page, from here you can select “Use Facebook as Page”, or “Switch back” to your personal account.

You do have to be careful, if you do not switch back your profile you may find yourself posting via the wrong account.

One of the extra benefits to this is that you can now see who has liked your page last.

If you login to one of your Fan Pages at the top left there are icons for Likes and Notifications, if anyone has liked your page since the last time you were logged into the page you can click the Like icon and see who the new members are.

Facebook Page Admin Privileges

I shared a link earlier to The Next Web post about Facebook now allowing Admins to be removed, and this is a good thing. However, it appears Facebook still needs to put a little more thought into their Business Page setup.

Any Admin can now delete another Admin and any Admin can delete the entire page. Wow, this could get ugly.

I have been in situations where a customer has hired me to manage their Facebook page, and we had no way to remove the previous Admin, so this change is good in that aspect.  It also helps in cases where 3rd parties can create the page and hand it off to the business owner with the security that they can add or delete Admins as needed.

However, there should be some form of verification needed to delete an admin or page.

For all the wonderful things about Facebook, they do seem to lack an understanding of security and how it affects businesses in the real world.

Facebook Fan Page Address

Here is a little tip about the Facebook Vanity URL. (Vanity URL just means that you have your name locked in to the address of your Facebook account)

By default Facebook gives you an address such as http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1234456789.

As I have discussed before, once you have 25 friends or 25 fans you can change this default to something more meaningful, such as my Facebook Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/CyberCoded.

Here is another tip. The Facebook Vanity URL is not case sensitive and ignores characters such as the period (.) and the hyphen (-). You can use this to your advantage when showing your URL in print or telling someone the address.


  • My personal Facebook account I made the Vanity URL, facebook.com/david.cooley, I did this because I think it looks better in the address bar. However, when I tell someone my address I can tell them it is just facebook.com/davidcooley and it will take them to my page. Easier to say “Facebook dot com davidcooley” than to say “facebook dot com david dot cooley”.

As you can see there are several ways to modify the address in print or online to make it easier to read, and yet they all resolve to the same page.

To change your Facebook Address use the Facebook Username page.

FaceBook Fan Page

Having a Facebook Fan Page has become almost a standard practice for businesses. The downside to a Facebook Fan Page is the long URL assigned to your page. But once you have 25 fans you can easily set the Vanity URL address by going to the Facebook Username page and setting the name for your page if it is available.


Another helpful function you can utilize is having multiple Admins assigned to a Fan Page so you can have someone else help you with your page design, programming and updating.