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Top Ten Daily Tools

While working and sharing tips with others I have come to realize just how important some tools are to me. Some of these are not really tools, but without them I would certainly have gaps to fill in my work flow.

They are not necessarily in any particular order.

  1. TextPad
  2. Firefox with FireBug extension.
  3. Chrome Browser
  4. Skype
  5. Google Talk
  6. Google Reader
  7. Twitter
  8. Facebook
  9. WordPress
  10. Email (Gmail)

As an extra mention, most of these are used on my desktop and my iPhone. I am still doing 99.9% of my work on an HP Mini 311 Verizon Netbook, which is simply amazing.

Google Chrome Under the Hood

I can not claim to really understand the in depth processing under the hood of Google Chrome, however, I have found it interesting to watch the processes it is doing compared to FireFox.

Using Sysinternals Process Explorer makes it very clear that each tab is using an independent process space while maintaining connectivity to some global files. Hence the way that Chrome has seperate processing for each tab, yet variables are seen across the tabs such as passwords.

FireFox Still Preferred Over Internet Explorer

According to several sources Internet Explorer continues to have major security holes and the fixes seem to be coming too late if at all. While Microsoft drags their feet, you can expect FireFox and Safari to continue gaining market share.

I have preferred FireFox for a long time now, mainly for the great add ons that really help in development and programming, and nothing has sold me on going back to Internet Explorer.

The surprising fact to me is how many people still use Internet Explorer over these other quality browsers, but that goes to show the power of having pre-installed software on computers. Most people fire it up, and use what is there.