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I could not let this one go unmentioned. I am not sure yet if we classify Geocaching as a sport, game, hobby, or niche. Maybe it is all of that.

My wife came home after hiking with a friend and was asking me what Geocaching was, and I had no idea. Although after doing some quick research I realized I had seen it on the Numb3rs TV show. It made me realize it probably fits us well.

We love to travel and go on day trips that include light hiking and exploring. I once spent an Anniversary going through a cemetery to help my wife with some of her genealogy work, and I guess I should mention, the cemetery was in North Carolina, and we live in Mississippi, lol.

Anyway, this Geocaching looks very interesting and hot.  Basically you use your GPS to get to a certain area where something is hidden, once found you either take it and replace it with something else, or, just make an entry on a website about it. It appears the number one site for Geocaching is …. guess …. yep …. geocaching.com

There are all kinds of Micro Niches within Geocaching, such as geocaching maps, geocaching logs,  geocaching products and on and on…..

If you have experience with Geocaching drop me a comment and share some info.