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Twitter in the SERPS

While browsing my analytics I noticed a search someone had performed at Google for digsby or pidgin.

Nothing real earth shattering there, but what I did find interesting is that when I followed that search, the very first result is a status page from Twitter.

DIgsby or Pidgen

More and more we ares seeing Social Networking and now Micro Blogging pages get good results in the SERPS. So if you think that what you type in Twitter will only be seen in Twitter, think again. This should be another reason to consider using Twitter as a Social additive to your blogging. Not only can you help drive traffic to your blog with your Tweats, you can gain even more exposure with your status pages.

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WordPress Plugin versus Custom Programming

I have not been listening to my own advice again.

Why do something that someone else has already done, and especially if it is actually easier to use their program than it is to do it myself?

The best example of this is WordPress Plugins. For the longest time I would code everything myself. As an example I did my own SEO programming and it worked well, but, I discovered as I moved from blog to blog I had to do a lot of extra work that I would not have to do if I had used a WordPress Plugin. So I started looking to replace all my custom programming with WordPress plugins, and I can not tell you how much easier it is to manage my blogs now.

I also found that in some cases the plugins were better than what I had done myself, ouch. But hey, that is the idea, use the software that gets the job done and is the easiest to maintain. I will say that in some cases I think a particular WordPress plugin can be improved, in that case I try to do one of two things, improve it and send it to the originator, or comment on the originating blog and give them my idea.

Here is a list of my current favorite WordPress plugins I am using on the majority of my blogs.


All in One SEO Pack

Custom Query String Reloaded


Get Recent Comments

Google Analytics

Google XML Sitemaps

Recommended Tags

Show Top Commentators


Using WordPress Plugins can certainly help you manage your blog better without all the additional work. Just make sure to test each plugin carefully before rolling out in full production. I have found some plugins may cause problems with other plugins and that even the order in which you install them can sometimes cause issues. The best thing to do is setup a sub domain with WordPress that is not indexed in the search engines and use it as a test site.

Make Money Online

Did that get your attention?

Not sure what it says about us, but key that headline into Google and you get 313,000,000 results. Yes, that’s 313 Million.

Everybody says they hate the get rich quick schemes, yet someone is digging for them and trying them.

Anyway, if you want to get rich quick, I certainly can not help you, if I could, I would and I would be rich myself. However, I may be able to help you at least pay for your hosting and buy dinner out.

I work on a site for a customer that had these numbers last month.

287 unique visitors, $52 of income.

Now, I realize that is not very much money. However, if you do that twice you can get a check for over $100 every month. And in my book $100 is worth something.

287 visitors is an average of 9 visitors a day, THAT IS ALL, 9.

C’mon, how hard can that be? And the total size of the site is 14 pages. Oh yeah, static pages, not a blog, just a good ol’ basic 14 page website. We have not changed ANYTHING in over a year.

Here is my punch list for this site.

  1. Focused Content – One subject, very little variance. They call this a “niche site” now, we used to call it a “small vertical market”.
  2. Google Adsense. – 2 Ad Units. One 336×280 above the fold, one 336×280 at the very bottom of the page, right after the last piece of content. The colors used are blended into the site, and each ad title is dark blue. Always use a blue because people still tend to thing a blue underline is a link.
  3. Sitemap. – Real simple. I use GSiteCrawler to build and upload the sitemap. Submitted to Google and Yahoo using their respective web pages.
  4. Analytics. – I like Google Analytics, it’s simple, web based and I can have all my accounts at my fingertips.


Always remember the old KISS rule, Keep It Simple, Stupid, or maybe now it should be Keep It Search Simple.