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Google Chrome Under the Hood

I can not claim to really understand the in depth processing under the hood of Google Chrome, however, I have found it interesting to watch the processes it is doing compared to FireFox.

Using Sysinternals Process Explorer makes it very clear that each tab is using an independent process space while maintaining connectivity to some global files. Hence the way that Chrome has seperate processing for each tab, yet variables are seen across the tabs such as passwords.

Google Chrome First Impressions

Not sure that I agree with Dave Winer that there is nothing new here, some things just might not be as apparent yet.

Google Chrome is a brand new browser, plus I think Google is held to such a higher standard everyone is expecting the most out of the first release on anything they do.

I tend to look for the little things that make up a big win, and there are 2 obvious ones that stand out so far.

  1. When you are on a page that has a form or input box, it is easily identifiable by a different color.
  2. My favorite so far is that when you view the source of a web page, it has line numbers!! This may not seem like a big deal, but it sure helps troubleshoot programming problems.