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Why is Google Black

The standard Google home page is set on black today, March 29th, 2008 because….

Google users in the United States will notice today that we “turned the lights out” on the Google.com homepage as a gesture to raise awareness of a worldwide energy conservation effort called Earth Hour.

I have to admit I tend to think the whole “Green” movement has gotten out of hand and typically goes beyond the point of doing anything constructive. However, this just may get more attention than Al Gore at Live Earth.

Other bloggers have taken notice and given their opinions.
Mashable : Black is the New Green: Google’s Earth Hour
Garry Conn : Google Earth Hour

And since I use iGoogle I personally did not notice this until several people I follow on Twitter started commenting on it. Just hope this does not make all the kids think Google is now Gothic Google, lol.

Emo Google

Last month I mentioned Google Gothic (GooGoth.com) and made a joke about “I guess the next thing is an Emo version of Google.”.

Obviously I did not do my homework on the subject because Emo Google is online. So I guess if you want to Define Emo, just check them out.

Now, if you are wondering why I even mention this, I found the data on Emo Google to be interesting. Here is a site that has 1 page and let’s look at some numbers.

  • 1 Page indexed by Google
  • NO outbound links
  • Page Rank 3
  • All sub / leaf pages are a Google hosted Custom Search Engine

Probably the most interesting fact is that they they are using Google in their domain name. I thought Google would crush that immediately.

And how about the PR 3 with only a one page website. Just goes to show how inbound links are the heart and soul of Page Rank.

Of course that is no surprise if you have read the definition of Page Rank by Google.

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Google Gothic

Ok, just a little off beat stuff, I am not sure why it is popular, but Googoth.com has risen to a point of having a pretty good fan base.

Like I said, not sure why. The results are not really that impressive, very little data and the Gothic logo is about the only thing Gothic on the site. Reminds me of the old days when screen savers where the hot thing to program for no reason, lol.

I guess the next thing is an Emo version of Google.