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Google Grandcentral

Google GrandCentral is now in Beta and allowing non invite registrations. There are several features of Google GrandCentral that make it stand out. You can now have a phone number that allows people to call you without them knowing your actual phone number, lets see, did that make sense?

Let’s try it this way, One Number, Multiple phones!

For Bloggers it is a great tool to allow your readers to contact you without posting your home, office or cell phone number. You can add a web button, like the one in my right sidebar that allows a reader to enter their name and phone number, then the system connects the call and it rings back to the reader. You can also set the system to take all calls to voice mail and from there you have several more options.

Once a voice mail is received an email is sent to you immediately. You can listen to the message, download it and even post it to your blog. Here is an example thanks to Garry Conn !

Here is the link to the free invites, so make sure to check it out. Even if you are not posting it on your blog it can be a great tool to help manage your phones.As usual, it just took a little patience to see what Google would do once they acquired GrandCentral last summer, and it looks like they have a great start with the first release of Google GrandCentral.Link : Blog Release at Blogger Buzz