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Use Google Trends for Your Holiday Menu

Google Trends is one of my favorite pages. Next to reading my RSS subscriptions, Google Trends gives me more ideas than anything else. It is always interesting to see what exact phrases people are using in their searches, and what the hot topics of the day are.

Looking at Trends today made me realize you could easily make a menu for a Holiday from the results.

Just look at the list of food on the page today and you can easily see what people are making for their Easter lunch or dinner.

  • deviled eggs
  • hard boiled eggs
  • green bean casserole
  • ham glaze
  • bunny cake
  • au gratin potatoes
  • jello eggs
  • resurrection cookies
  • baked ham
  • cheesy potatoes
  • broccoli casserole
  • potato salad
  • ham recipe
  • corn casserole
  • wine with ham
  • ambrosia salad
  • egg casserole
  • pineapple stuffing

I would be curious to hear how traffic spikes for people with Food sites on a weekend like this?

Link : Google Trends

Micro Blogging

Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion has a very interesting post about Web 2.0 Trends and one of the graphics he uses is this chart from Google Trends comparing Twitter to Blogging.

That chart really got my attention. I had no idea that Twitter was that popular, or that the term Micro Blogging was coming into it’s own.

Micro Blogging Trends

Micro Blogging probably has a good chance of staying with us. Just look at what the younger generations do. They do not use full Blogs and Email to communicate. Typically they use Facebook and MySpace to blog and communicate with others.

When my teenagers say they are checking messages, that means they are looking at their Facebook and/or MySpace pages.

Put Micro Blogging on your list for 2008.

Plan your Blog, Blog your Plan

Same theory, different words. For years I have listened to business consultants say “Plan your work, work your plan”. A blog is no different. You just have to decide what it is you want to accomplish. Some bloggers just want people reading their blog, others want to make money blogging. Whatever the goal, managing your resources is a valuable key.

I work with a few bloggers very closely, and I see and hear the same thing often. “I can’t keep up”. The interesting part is that this same statement comes from a variety of blogger types.

I work a full time job, 50-55 hours a week, I own at least 60 domain names, and have 10+ blogs and websites that I am working.If you have more than one site, you need to manage your time and resources. Here are a few things I do that help me keep it all rolling.

  • Delegate – I have a couple of people writing for me. They get paid from the blogs that they write on.
  • Trade – I have traded skills with others. Garry Conn is a good example. He did the header graphic on this site, and I did some PHP programming for him.
  • Layout – It starts with my browser, when I start up, I have 9 tabs loaded as my home page. My Yahoo, Google, Gmail, Adsense, Analytics, Google Reader, Pandora, Google Docs and Google Trends. From this point I can see what is going on with my sites, and what is going on with others.
  • Glance first – Each time I sit down to work I glance at each tab to get an overview. This means I spend maybe 1 or 2 minutes on a tab. I do not answer emails at this point, or dig through stats. From here I can go back and work on what looked to be the most critical items.
  • Scheduled posting – I use WordPress and the scheduling has saved me a lot of time. An added benefit to the scheduling is releasing a post to publish early in the morning so by the time traffic is rolling my posts are already in the Blogsearch and at least the home page has been Indexed.

With this plan of attack I have been able to keep my full time job and get my online income to go from $25 to $2000 a month. And don’t kid yourself, luck plays a part in all of this too. And I have been lucky at times over the last couple years. But if you want to take advantage of luck, you have to be prepared. Are you prepared?