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Redneck Google

Based on the fact that I have received some pretty mean spirited emails about my posts on Gothic Google and Emo Google I thought I should give equal coverage to those who I believe are sending those emails.

And I will admit that Redneck Google (also known as Hoogle) looks to have a little more technology than either of the Gothic or Emo pages. Each of those pages are simply a cover page that leads to regular Google results using a Google Custom Search Engines.

Redneck Google is actually a translator page that converts your normal search terms into a Redneck version with links to valid search results. Pretty impressive for a bunch of Rednecks ! Looking through the results it is obvious that this site has actually done their research and truly understand what Redneck means.

Note : Currently GooGoth (Gothic Google) is returning errors.

Google Gothic

Ok, just a little off beat stuff, I am not sure why it is popular, but Googoth.com has risen to a point of having a pretty good fan base.

Like I said, not sure why. The results are not really that impressive, very little data and the Gothic logo is about the only thing Gothic on the site. Reminds me of the old days when screen savers where the hot thing to program for no reason, lol.

I guess the next thing is an Emo version of Google.