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CyberCoder Twitter Updates for 2008-10-14

  • Internet Marketing Sales Pages http://tinyurl.com/3vpoe4 #
  • @garryconn you found your way to a computer tonight? Typing with one hand because the other one has a Corona in it? #
  • just added a cool little feed bar across the top of my page http://www.cybercoded.net/ #
  • @momofteenstwit2 Did you get your WordPress help you needed? #
  • built site in 15 minutes, indexed in 4 days for one of it’s keyword terms, I think that is pretty good start…… #
  • @AllynPaul and I promise, I did exactly what I showed in the videos, nothing more #
  • @AllynPaul lets see, 15 minutes a site, multiply by 2 weeks, that would be….960 sites, if you took the weekends off, rofl #
  • seems most people are making things more difficult on themselves than it needs to be when it comes to online income? Just can’t see why. #
  • @golftrainer I think the first line says it …”Golfers want the silver bullet to longer drives.”, and they want it without any work, lol… #
  • thinking about building blogs for other people, especially since I can not write, lol, I just can not quit making them, like an addiction #
  • @tapps permalink looks good, the more tag is questionable #

Search the Web

One of the things that can be a little frustrating is working with people who really don’t understand the Internet and how to use it. But, at the same time working with these same people can be a real education if we pay attention to what they are doing. My wife likes to remind me that people do not use the Internet like I do, I have too much experience and actually know too much sometimes for my own good. And the bigger problem comes in when we as technicial specialists start getting a little to secure in our knowledge. Don’t forget we all started somewhere, and we did not always understand everything we now take for granted.

With all this rolling around in my head I am always amazed to watch people search the web. Take the election news of the past week, you can bet that a lot of people will type McCainPalin.com into a search engine. My guess is that someone just bought some domains and took a guess that McCain would pick Palin as his VP. But this choice could pay for a lot of specualtion that was wrong. If you go to McCainPalin.com it is basically a one page site with an ad at the top. I would love to know what the traffic has been on this site so far.

Wasted Year on Internet Marketing

This is basically the answer to the question I have been asked most recently, which is, “why have you sold some of your sites and quit working on other projects”. Well, I realized I have wasted about a year working with Internet Marketing, probably two if you consider the time I put in.

A little over a year ago I was  just cruising along in my own little corner of CyberSpace, doing what I called “Flying Under The Radar”. Working on a few sites and blogs, making pretty good income and minding my own business. Then I started reading a lot of Internet Marketing stuff about how you need to do this and that to make the big bucks. Sure enough I got sucked in to the Internet Marketing Vortex.

Now let me be real clear, I have some good friends that are great at Internet Marketing. There is nothing wrong with it for the most part (depending on the marketer of course). The key element is knowing how things fit in with your own style. Being a programmer and a former salesperson it seemed like something that would fit me, but it doesn’t.

For the last 12 months I have basically worked twice as hard for about the same results. It’s not really a wasted time, just an educational process and one that will stay with me.

If you are interested in a couple good Internet Marketers to pay attention to I would recommend, Garry Conn and Josh Spaulding.

If you are looking for tips and help with more of the technical and programming aspects of blogs and websites, stick around, sign up to my RSS and/or my new Newsletter!

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