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Wasted Year on Internet Marketing

This is basically the answer to the question I have been asked most recently, which is, “why have you sold some of your sites and quit working on other projects”. Well, I realized I have wasted about a year working with Internet Marketing, probably two if you consider the time I put in.

A little over a year ago I was  just cruising along in my own little corner of CyberSpace, doing what I called “Flying Under The Radar”. Working on a few sites and blogs, making pretty good income and minding my own business. Then I started reading a lot of Internet Marketing stuff about how you need to do this and that to make the big bucks. Sure enough I got sucked in to the Internet Marketing Vortex.

Now let me be real clear, I have some good friends that are great at Internet Marketing. There is nothing wrong with it for the most part (depending on the marketer of course). The key element is knowing how things fit in with your own style. Being a programmer and a former salesperson it seemed like something that would fit me, but it doesn’t.

For the last 12 months I have basically worked twice as hard for about the same results. It’s not really a wasted time, just an educational process and one that will stay with me.

If you are interested in a couple good Internet Marketers to pay attention to I would recommend, Garry Conn and Josh Spaulding.

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