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Verizon Wireless

I finally decided to try a Netbook and I wanted one that had Wireless service. After researching the options I decided to give Verizon Wireless a shot. I have been on AT&T for over 10 years and although I have always been happy with their service I have noticed some weaknesses in their 3G coverage on my iPhone.

I went to theĀ Verizon Wireless store in Flowood, Mississippi and I was extremely pleased with their customer service. As expected they wanted to talk me out of my iPhone, but they respected my stance to leave that out of the process, I just wanted a good Netbook. I will be going back this Friday to look at the new Android offerings they have.

For the Netbook I settled on the new HP 311 Mini, which I will cover in a later post.

For now I just wanted to say thanks to Verizon Wireless and let everyone know what excellent service I received.

TwitterFon iPhone App

A top question on Twitter is about what the best iPhone App is for Twitter.

I have only tried a couple so far, but I can say without a doubt that TwitterFon is going to be hard to beat for me.

It is not the most robust app you can get, however, it gets the job done in a very concise manner and that is incredibly important to me.

To the right is an actual screen capture from my iPhone to show the clean interface of TwitterFon.

One of my favorite aspects is the Search and the ability to keep previous Searches that require just one touch to get reloaded. If you mis type a search or do not want to keep it, you can simply remove it from the list.

Wifi at Home

Since moving into our new house, and just to be clear about this, it is not really new, just new to us. The reason that clarification is important is the fact that we are working hard first to cleanup and fix anything that we find that is not up to our expectations, and then we will move into customizing things we want. Now you may ask what does this have to do with Wifi at Home? Well let’s just walk through it.

Previously my schedule went something like this, get up at 5am and go to work (day job), get home around 5:30pm, eat dinner and then retire to my home office where I would spend most of the evening working at my desktop. A typical day probably would have me working at my desk in the evening 3-4 hours.

Now I am spending the bulk of that time working on my yard and house. It’s actually a nice change since I have been sitting in front of a computer for up to 15 hours a day everyday for the last 20 years.

The other major change this move impacts is “how” I am using the Internet. Before I was spending my time programming and developing software, blogs and general websites. Now I am using it more as an end user instead of a developer, BIG difference. (This will be a subject for another post soon)

A good example is last night. I was working on one of my old cars in my garage, something I have been missing for a couple years! I needed some information from the web, but the last thing I wanted to do was track through the house in dirty clothes and go all the way upstairs to surf for information, only to have to run back down to the garage with any answers I had found. See where this is going now…..

Nokia N770Enter my Nokia N770. The N770 is not the most current Wifi Internet Tablet, but it has served me well. From my workspace in the garage I can now access the Internet, find what I am looking for, and keep working. This has been the situation for the last several weeks. Instead of being tethered to a desk I am using my WIfi at Home to gain access to the web from anywhere in or around the house! I do not think I have missed an important email or instant message yet. And the advantage to the Internet Tablet over a laptop is the size and portability.

I feel like I am starting all over with the Internet and maybe I need a little Wifi for Dummies training, but it has freed me up to do the things I need to do, while keeping me online and in touch at all times.

One last note. I have found that a small Internet Tablet serves me a lot better than a Phone. The phone is too small and I personally do not like the all-in-one type equipment. I have played with an iPhone a little and yes it is a very clear screen with a nice GUI, but, my preference is still to have a separate device for my mobile computing.

Link : Nokia N770 Purchasing Information