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Timing Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising works better with search traffic compared to that of more direct traffic, such as RSS subscribers. Although some may still argue over this, I believe it to be an established fact, at least in my experience.

One thing I realized recently was that most of my search traffic comes from my older posts. However, I found myself doing the same thing as a lot of other bloggers, placing my contextual ads on pages and not considering these facts about who is visiting the pages.

Typically I would place contextual ads on most of my blog pages except for the home page, thinking that the loyal readers visited the home page and did not want to have those ads in their way. After taking a fresh look I discovered that was not the case.

The reality is most of the readers on a blog that are loyal readers read a post when it is fairly new, probably within the first 48 hours of it’s life cycle. So instead of placing ads based on pages, maybe it would make more sense to base them on time. I have changed my contextual ads due to this data, these ads will now show up on pages after 48 hours.

The idea is simple, keep it clean for the benefit of my loyal readers, while still taking advantage of the long tail search traffic.

Let’s see what happens!

Skip lunch and buy a Domain Name

Over at GarryConn.com there has been a flood of comments on his post about Domain Names. It is very interesting to see how others regard buying domain names. While most of us are not rich, buying Domain Names is one of the easiest and cheapest investments you can make online. For less than $10 you can register a Domain Name for a year. If you break that down it comes to less than 3 cents a day!

I have gone through waves when it comes to buying Domain Names. At times I have gotten on a binge and purchased several at a time. But the best practice I have found is to have a plan. Each month I take $10 to $50 of my online income and reinvest it in Domain Names. I also try to launch 1 new site each month with one of these names. I no longer worry about Domain Names I have purchased but not activated. The worst case scenario is I wasted $10 over a year.

If I purchase 24 domain names in a year at $10 each I have only invested $240. So all I need to double my money is to earn $460 over a year on just one of them.

Do you have a plan?

Social Networking realities

Social Networking is one of the hottest topics on the Internet these days and one that takes a lot of time and thought to really work through. I have tried every possible site that has launched. So far I have yet to find one that I just have to have. To me they are similar to the online experience BEFORE the Internet, back in the days of Compuserve and Prodigy. You log on and you stay in one place. Yes there are a lot of features that are just now becoming available, but they all act like the final destination.

Part of my thought process has been how to merge the Social aspects of the Networks with existing sites and make each of our sites more social within itself. Comments are the most common social aspect that blogs use, but there has to be more that we can do to engage our audience.

This morning as I was going through my RSS reading I came across this excellent post by Chris Anderson. Take the time to read it, he really hits some excellent points.

…social networking as a feature, not a destination… Source : The Long Tail