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Keep It Simple

Most people have heard of the old KISS Principle, Keep It Simple Stupid.

The KISS Principle should also be modified for the Internet, here are some examples:

  • Keep It Simple Social (Networking)
  • Keep It Simple SEO
  • Keep It Simple SEM

One of the things I have noticed over the last few years is how so many people have complicated things, especially in the SEO and SEM markets. It is not rocket science, Keep It Simple works!

Some of the most popular destinations have a very simple design. Sure its cool to have videos and flash and all the latest widgets, but there is a fine line that can cross your site over to a cluttered mess.

The ironic thing to me is that some of the worst designs are those of the MSM (Main Stream Media). They are trying so hard to give you everything on the front page it becomes a useless mess of content that is not navigable.

Keep It Simple,  be social, leave comments, make organic links to things that are relevant to what you are discussing.  If you are concerned with SEO, start with a basic design, the more elements that have to be crawled through, the more chance you have of having searches miss the important content that you spent your time developing.