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Super Tuesday Results in a Google Map Twitter Mashup

This is one of the best pages (link below) I have seen displaying the results for Super Tuesday Voting. I was searching for a graphical representation of how the voting occurred, preferably real time when I saw this link in the sponsored links at the top of the search page.

It is a Google Map Mashup that shows the Super Tuesday results and cycles through Twitter posts about Super Tuesday.

These are the kind of mashups I like to see. Real world data mashed up in a meaningful environment.

Link : Google Maps Decision 2008

Amazon Mashups

Amazon has been doing a great job of staying up to date with RSS. They have released several feeds that give us the opportunity to keep up with Best Sellers, New Releases and Tagged products. Using RSS is a great way to allow users the ability to mashup pages with their content while maintaining an affiliate link to make money.

Amazon RSS web feeds can be subscribed to or used as a data source for your own applications. The mechanism to add your affiliate link is the best part. You simply add your affiliate id as a parameter in the URL.

There are 2 pages to visit to see learn about these feeds.

Tagged Products web feeds

Bestseller and New Release feeds

To show how easy this is I have created several pages that take the Amazon feed and parse it with MagpieRSS which is built in to WordPress. If you look at the links in each one it includes the affiliate id.

Products -This page is part of MusicRamble.com and utilizes the Tagged Products RSS. It is also based on a page template and includes a form to do more searches with.

I have been an Amazon affiliate for years, and this by far is the easiest way I have seen to create pages with Amazon content.

Tell me what you think?

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