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Web Programming

Years ago I started programming in ASP (Active Server Pages). This was a great language and was fairly easy to migrate into. However, the “cost of inclusion” was rather high as it is a Microsoft language and required (of course) that you be hosted on a Microsoft platform server. Then Microsoft decided to upgrade ASP to ASP.net.

At that point they lost me. With the advent of Linux and the world of open source it just did not make any sense to stick with something that required so much overhead. Another key downside was the database programming required either SQL Server or MS Access. One was too expensive and the other not robust enough.

I switched to PHP and MySQL and I have never been happier. It is easy to find a hosting company that supports these languages and there is a wide realm of support and samples for both. If you like web programming PHP is a must to check out.

And of course the ever popular WordPress platform is PHP based.

Top Internet Properties

While reading the news about The Weather Channel being for sale today some interesting figures caught my attention. The Weather Channel’s website, Weather.com is listed by Comscore as the 16th best Internet property by unique visitors for the month of November, 2007. That is a very strong placement, just ahead of Facebook. And I thought my wife and I were the only Weather watching geeks around, lol.

And maybe a more interesting part of this study was the rest of the Top 50. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft own the Top 3 spots, no real surprise there. But look at the rest of the comScore Top 50 (table 3).  Ask.com at #9 and Target at #14 are unexpected, at least in my view.  And I did not even realize that Sears was still considered a major retailer, listed at #31.

The reports about the Weather Channel sale all place a large portion of the asking price on the website. All the suspected suitors are lining up, NBC, Time Warner, NewsCorp and Comcast. Hey, how about Google. At $5 billion it would just be a petty cash expenditure!