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Fix A WordPress Blog With One Click

Just as a foundation on a house is important to the rest of the structure and the longevity of the building, so is the foundation of a Blog. 

WordPress is a great foundation, however, sometimes we get that foundation messed up. If you have a WordPress Blog that is under performing, try this, set the WordPress Theme back to the Default. 

If your content is good, will readers quit reading something because it is not as pretty?

What about the search engines?

Maybe they are losing their way through all those little enhancements?

Or, try any other Minimal WordPress Theme, sometimes simple is just better.

CyberCoder WordPress Themes

I finally got around to getting these WordPress Themes cleaned up, organized and uploaded.

The first theme is just an Empty WordPress Theme. This may seem a little silly, but you would be surprised at how many people want this to learn from.

The second theme is a Minimal WordPress Theme that may not be the most beautiful theme you can find, but it is very functional and does very well on Niche sites where the primary focus is driving traffic from search engines and converting that traffic into income.

Minimal WordPress Theme Download

The Minimal WordPress Theme can now be downloaded from here.

This is the theme I am running on this site.

I added a YouTube video hook on the Single post page. Instead of using a WordPress Plugin that would be an additional step I took my AJAX API Video plugin and incorporated it into the Functions file. Thanks to Chris Pearson for the inspiration for this idea.

By using the function file there is no need to have an additional Plugin to install. Whenever you write a post the single post page will automatically search YouTube for videos that match the title and put them in a horizontal bar under the post. These videos will play dynamically on the given page utilizing the Google AJAX VideoBar.

The Minimal WordPress Theme is excellent on Niche sites that focus on Search engine traffic. CelebrityRamble is one site that is already using the theme.

Make sure to change the Adsense to your account, and you can move the YouTube videos by relocating the ajaxapivideos() call

EDIT : This theme is also Widget Ready.

Minimal WordPress Theme

I think this WordPress Theme, if you could call it that, is growing on me.

I keep looking at all the themes that are out there and a lot of them are just cluttered. There is always a lot of talk about how each new WordPress Theme is designed for SEO better than the last. Well, this theme is about as minimal as you can make it and still be readable so I have decided to just let it roll for awhile and see how it goes. It’s like going back to the days of no GUI on the desktop, lol.

I have all the elements setup the way I like and it is already being indexed so it has a good start.