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Mobile Websites

If you have an online presence, do you have a mobile website? If not, you should.

Next time you are in public, glance around and see how many people are using a smart phone.

The U.S. Open golf tournament had over a 500% increase in traffic to their mobile site this year. Now think about this. Golf is not exactly a game for the kids, who were these people using their mobile devices to check on a golf tournament?

I love my iPhone, and the apps are great. But I think the mobile website gets more bang for the buck as it gives you visibility on more devices. And depending on what type of site you have, a mobile website is not that hard to do.

Mobile Friendly Web Sites

If you use a mobile device to surf the web one thing you realize is that having a mobile version of any site can be very helpful, especially with the volume of mobile internet viewing increasing daily.

It is a little ironic that we have gone almost full circle on web design. We started with very text intensive low graphics back in the early 90′ to where the average viewer is now using a minimum of 1024×768 resolution with JavaScript capabilities and a wide range of Web 2.0 functions. And now we need a knocked down version for mobile users.

A lot of the new mobile devices can handle the high resolution sites, but with such a small screen it is still hard to navigate and read. This is where a mobile friendly web site can really open up your site for everyone regardless of their internet interface.

Here is a very simple solution.

While using Google Reader’s mobile version I realized any blog or web site can easily have a mobile version utilizing Google Reader. All that is required is to append your feed URL to the end of this URL from Google Reader.

http://www.google.com/reader/m/view/feed/[your feed]

Example :


To take this one step further you can use a sub domain from your site to create an independent mobile version.

Every hosting package is a little different and the setup for this depends on your hosting. I am using an htaccess file that handles the redirect. Check with your hosting system to find the best way to redirect your subdomain and you can instantly have separate mobile friendly web site.