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Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings

I just got an email from a company, (I am not going to print their name or link to them for several reasons), and here is what they told me …

…offers you a way to get your web site onto the first page of Google and other search engines guaranteed!…

I have not seen a guarantee for search engine placement in some time and I was hoping that people were not still falling for this. There is no way anyone can guarantee you that they can put your website on the first page of Google or any other top search engine. Yeah, they might be able to get a site listed for a term and actually get it on the first page, but to guarantee it is just crazy. Please do not fall for this.

Just think logically, even if they were that good, and everyone jumped on this program, there is only so much room at the top. If they signed up 500 sites for a term, how can they squeeze all those sites unto the top page, the print would be really small, lol.

Rapid Development

It is just amazing how fast a blog and/or website can be built and making progress theses days.

Between Feb 1st and March 1st I worked on 10 sites, 3 blogs and 7 websites. I track a lot of data and like to do a review of how well new sites are working and thought I would share some of that here.

PageRank: 5 have a Pagerank of 4, 3 = PR 3, 1 = PR 2

Traffic: The average for all 10 sites is 100 PV per day from 65 Visitors per day.

Index: All 10 are indexed in Google, all 10 are in Yahoo, only 4 are in MSN.

Income: 3 made more than $15 in April. 3 are not monetized.

Most of these sites took 5 days from registration date to get indexed in Google and receiving some traffic. The traffic increased visibly starting about 3 days in advance of seeing a Pagerank.