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All In The Family Blogging

With 4 family members now blogging it seems like we have turned blogging into a family affair.

My wife writes on several blogs including CelebrityRamble and ProductReviewsBlog

My Brother has 2 personal blogs at This Crazy Cosmos and Daily Rover, he is also the main writer at MusicRamble

My youngest daughter has decided to give blogging a go, just sharing her opinions on what ever stirkes her fancy at Dava’s Space

And of course I write here, Ramble On and CyberCoded along with a few others.

Video Blogs

Is 2008 going to be the breakout year for Video Blogs?

Video Blogs are also referred to as Vlogs, although I am not sure that rolls off the tongue as well as Blogs, and they have been gaining ground over the past year or so. Two big factors fueling this are the cost of digital video cameras and the purchase of YouTube by Google. Face it, if Google buys it, it must be something worth looking in to, and everyone rushes in.

Mike over at MusicRamble.com posted a small list of Music YouTube Channels and it is obvious that a lot of musicians are starting to understand the value of having their own YouTube channel. Combine this with the news of Google partnering with Panasonic to develop TV’s geared more towards Internet content and the Vlogging picture starts to focus a little more.

Just think, you can have a YouTube channel and be on TV. It don’t get no easier than that.

And yes, I already have the CyberCoder YouTube Channel.

Now, who will take advantage of Vlogging and become the next (or first) Internet Video Star?