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Super Bowl ads on Myspace.com

Ya gotta give em credit, the NFL used Myspace to archive this years Super Bowl Ads. Great move!

The Myspace page is very nicely laid out and functional. Of course, as usual, on a social site you have a bunch of comments and a lot of them are just spam, but the page itself is great. They even organize the commercials by quarter.

With each day that passes we see more and more mainstream media and companies utilizing the Internet much better than before. It won’t be long before the integration between digital content on the Internet and HDTV is totally seamless.

Check out MySpace.com/superbowlads

Micro Blogging

Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion has a very interesting post about Web 2.0 Trends and one of the graphics he uses is this chart from Google Trends comparing Twitter to Blogging.

That chart really got my attention. I had no idea that Twitter was that popular, or that the term Micro Blogging was coming into it’s own.

Micro Blogging Trends

Micro Blogging probably has a good chance of staying with us. Just look at what the younger generations do. They do not use full Blogs and Email to communicate. Typically they use Facebook and MySpace to blog and communicate with others.

When my teenagers say they are checking messages, that means they are looking at their Facebook and/or MySpace pages.

Put Micro Blogging on your list for 2008.