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Collaborating on a new blog

I will probably never be a great blogger, writing is just not my skill set, maybe someday I will get the vlogging going and that will suit me better. However, one of the things I have re-learned the last couple of years is the power of synergy and how important it is to share with others. Everyone has skills, and utilizing the right skills of people can be much more powerful than trying to force yourself to work outside of your skill set. I am not advocating that you should not learn and expand, however we each have limitations.

I have had some success working with other people on blog ventures instead of doing it all myself. My latest endeavor is working with my sister on NascarNotes.com. Liz is a major Nascar fan, and has always had good writing skills. However, she has never had the opportunity to hone her computer skills, but now she has a new schedule and a big desire to work on this.

If you like Nascar (or even if you don’t) stop by NascarNotes.com and welcome Liz to the Blogoshpere. She is working hard to catch on to all this wonderful technology and carve her own little niche in blogging.