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Online Residual Income

More and more I am hearing this in discussions offline, “how can I earn online income?”.

One of the mistakes I think a lot of people are making is that they are looking for ways to make money online and getting frustrated because they do not have the knowledge it takes to pull it off. But, if they would just turn the equation around, the answer would come to them a lot easier.

Don’t try to find a way to make money online, look at what you have a passion for, and turn that into an income stream. 

Same thing applies to the term “Niche” ! That term has become a key element in making profitable blogs and websites, but it can also be a stumbling block. The Niche you need is not of a product or item, it is your personal Niche ! 

Blogging can be learned, but your personal niche and passion are what drives you and makes you unique, and in the online world, being unique and driven can be the difference in success and failure.

Ask yourself what you are good at, and what you love, that is what you should be researching.

If you are going to be spending your extra time online at least make it in an area that you really enjoy!

WordPress Niche Guide eBook

Thanks to my good friend Garry Conn I have finally put together my eBook, “CyberCoders WordPress Niche Guide”

Over the last few years I have developed my routine for Niche Blogs and shared it with just a couple people. Now I want to share what I have learned with you.

Why? It’s actually pretty simple. I like coding a lot more than anything else, and since I am constantly helping people develop their Niche Blogs, I thought it would be easier to put it in the form of an eBook.

And since Garry and I have worked so well together, it seemed obvious to utilize our given skill sets, let Garry do the Marketing, and I will do the Coding. 

The product purchase includes the eBook, the Tag Theme and a private link to my Newsletter.

If you sign up for the eBook Newsletter I will send you any updates to this eBook that I publish along with News of upcoming eBooks.

Buy Now

If you have any questions please drop a comment, or use my Contact page.

Forget the search engines, remember the people

If you want the best results in the Search Engines, forget about them when you are writing!

There a couple things Search Engines can not do…

  • Conduct a search
  • Read a Calendar

One of the best ways to get traffic and have success in the search engines is to write about what people are searching for. The key element here is “people are searching”. We tend to forget that a search engine does not conduct the searches, people do. And people are interested in what affects their day to day life. One of the best tools we have for writing ideas is a calendar. Most niche markets have built in calendars, some examples…

  • Music Niche – New Releases, Award Shows, Top Selling lists
  • DVD Niche – New Releases, New equipment
  • Sports Niche – Any sports niche has several, schedule, playoffs, off season trades and changes, some have drafts
  • Television Niche – Season schedules, rerun schedules, awards
  • Automotive – New car models released, Car shows, Racing, Accidents

If you have a blog that does not necessarily fall into a niche, use a general calendar.

  • Holidays – News Year, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas
  • Miscellaneous Days – Valentines Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Birthdays (personal and celebrity)
  • History – Almost every day of the year has had something significant happen on it in the past.
  • Elections – State, Federal, International

To show that I really do want to help others, I am launching a new blog in conjunction with this post. I will attempt to post upcoming events on the calendar to assist you with blogging topics. Heck, I might even be doing a little keyword research for you too!

Stop by BloggingCalendar.com and make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything. If you only read the RSS it will not hurt my feelings, this blog will be to help others.

Beyond your Niche

It is easy to get tunnel vision when working. One thing to remember is there is a lot going on out there beyond your Niche and it is beneficial to be proactive.

Years ago I worked in retail as a district manager. We had stores in malls and I had a simple rule for employees. Park at the opposite entrance of the mall. Why?

Awareness. Walking through the mall on the way to the store was a great way to see what was going on in other stores and the mall itself. I saw a lot of good and creative ideas come from this practice.

This rule applies to the Internet. If you are trying to have a successful site on the Internet you need to be aware of what else is going on around you and your visitors. It helps to know a little about what others are doing in your market, and it is also beneficial to look beyond your niche. The easiest way to do this is with RSS Subscriptions, Newsletters and Email Alerts. I have sites in several niches, and I subscribe and monitor blogs and people way beyond those niches. Some of the best information I see is where I would have least expected it.

Subscribe to blogs outside your niche and you might be surprised what kind of ideas you can pick up.