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Your Own Branded Twitter Interface

Did you know you can build your own custom Twitter interface?

Since Twitter changed to 100% OAuth support you are now required to have a Twitter Application to post to Twitter. This can be seen with how a lot of the WordPress plugins work, which now require you to setup an application and save your OAuth keys so that they can post to Twitter.

You can do the same thing in a stand alone application and add functionality specific to your needs.

There are several benefits including but not limited to, having your link and name appear at the bottom of each Tweet as seen below.

You can also write custom routines to help you issue better Tweets.

I did this on my own Twitter App page with my Follow Friday Tweets.

I always hated the FollowFriday Tweets that are just several links to other people with no explanation of why I would want to follow them. So I built a routine where I can input the persons Twitter name, a reason to follow them and the result will always be the same formatted Tweet.

Each Tweet has the #FollowFriday hashtag followed by the referenced account and an explanation as to why I recommend them, and finally the #ff hastag to end the Tweet.

I also included several other features to make Twitter easier. I have a regular post box where I can write a Tweet and I created a Javascript bookmark for auto posting.

When I am on any web page I click Auto Post, and a Tweet is created and sent that has the Title of the page as the body of the Tweet, and a shortened link is included to the page. And of course they are branded with my link for each Tweet.

If you have a little time and programming help, I would highly recommend using a custom branded Twitter strategy.

Think outside the box!

Every little bit of exposure and linking helps !

miio.com WordPress Group

If you are looking for a community to discuss WordPress, I would highly recommend the new miio.com WordPress Group.

miio is a new Social Network with a rapidly growing community of people. It’s a lot easier on miio to find people with the same interest as you, and the WordPress Group is a great place to talk about any WordPress issues you may have.

For more information on miio I would recommend The Next Web miio review by Brad McCarty and / or the miio blog.

New Social Networking Site miio

If you like Social Networking, or fun new places, or great customer service, or getting somewhere before the big crowd, or….you get the picture, go to miio.com now.

While doing my morning reading on Saturday, Brad McCarty’s post at TNW grabbed my attention. Before I knew it I had spent several hours on miio. Yes I tend to be an early adopter, but I think miio will quickly move to the masses.

Read Brad’s post for a more in depth review, but take my advice and stop by miio and give it a test drive.

Pronounced meee oh, according to Richard Lusk CEO of miio

Twitter Authentication Switch to OAuth

If you use any API calls to Twitter you have until June 30th to make the switch to OAuth from Basic Authentication.

It will be interesting to see how this changes the data flow in and out of Twitter. See Twitter Blog: Switching to OAuth

Until recently I was still seeing a lot of Tweets being posted “from API”. Based on everything I have read these calls will quit working on June 30th.

I know from experience that making a call with the Basic Authentication from the API was a lot easier than connecting via OAuth. There are probably a lot of people that could make the API work but will struggle with the OAuth functionality. However, a lot of other Social Networking applications are now using OAuth and learning that technology will be very beneficial across the Social Graph.

So if you have not made the change yet, you only have 2 weeks left to get it done without interrupting your Twitter data flow.

Facebook Page Admin Privileges

I shared a link earlier to The Next Web post about Facebook now allowing Admins to be removed, and this is a good thing. However, it appears Facebook still needs to put a little more thought into their Business Page setup.

Any Admin can now delete another Admin and any Admin can delete the entire page. Wow, this could get ugly.

I have been in situations where a customer has hired me to manage their Facebook page, and we had no way to remove the previous Admin, so this change is good in that aspect.  It also helps in cases where 3rd parties can create the page and hand it off to the business owner with the security that they can add or delete Admins as needed.

However, there should be some form of verification needed to delete an admin or page.

For all the wonderful things about Facebook, they do seem to lack an understanding of security and how it affects businesses in the real world.