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WordPress Themes versus Heat Maps

If you look at most heat maps for advertising on the Internet you will notice that people read blogs just like they read anything else. Left to right. The hot spots on a heat map almost always show that the top left is the hottest spot on a website.

So why are most WordPress Themes designed where the sidebars and advertisements are on the right side?

I have seen some great looking themes lately, but they are typically still designed backwards. One argument for this is that with the content on the far left the visitor is more likely to read the content, and that may have some merit. But, if you are confident in your content and present it clearly, this should not be an issue.

If you are trying to sell advertisements why would you not place them in the best available spot?

One other problem with sidebars on the left is that the search engines will read those items first and place more importance on them instead of your content. This is fairly easily solved. Either put only javascript ads and such on the left, or program the sidebars to load after the content.

The WordPress Theme I would like to see would have ALL the following elements.

  1. 3 Columns with varying width
  2. Variable Width
  3. Content on the right, columns (sidebars) on the left
  4. Content loads first, then sidebars

The Tiga WordPress Theme I am currently using has 3 of the 4 elements, if you know of a WordPress Theme with all 4 elements, please let me know.