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New Namecheap Twitter Contest

Namecheap is at it again. Hosting a new Twitter Contest called Namecheap Bored at Work and Back to School Riddle Me This Contest!.

Namecheap is giving away 3 MacBook Pro, 1 Apple iPad, or 1 Amazon Kindle.

The contest is very similar to their past contests. This time the contest is made of riddles instead of trivia questions. Each hour they post a Riddle and you respond with the answer. Each hour they give away 5 domain registration credits to their system.

To participate, follow the rules at their Namecheap Contest page and join in the fun.

NameCheap Twitter Contest

NameCheap has come up with a pretty cool contest using Twitter. They are giving away $17,000 worth of domain and domain transfers and getting people involved is a key element to branding.

The contest also has an interesting verification system integrated with their website and this could be a good lesson for other companies. 

I have been a Namecheap customer for a couple years and look forward to winning a some of this!