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WordPress Love and Hate

I am a big WordPress fan, of course some of that comes from me liking to do PHP coding and WordPress is a very open platform to work with leaving lots of room for coding creativity.

But if you watch this WordPress Twitter Search it seems every so often someone has a little spat with their WordPress installation. Like WordPress is picking on them personally or something, lol.

Using Twitter to Follow a Topic

I seem to be using Twitter more these days, and Google Reader less. The trend is easy to understand from a useability standpoint. 

Using an RSS reader almost feels like old school technology now. Yes it is still necessary, and it is certainly one of best ways to follow someone, but Twitter is now letting me follow the topics I want in real time a lot easier.

Years ago I was part of several Forums. I would go to forums to get, and give, help on different topics, but it took more effort than I thought it should.

Now, just like having my news fed to me instead of having to go to my favorite news sites and see what has changed, I can sit back, watch the conversations on the topics I am interested in, and get involved at my choosing.

Here is one of my favorite pages to watch, using Twitter search, I search for the words “WordPress OR Cybercoder” and remove any occurence of wordpress.com. The reason for the removal is that I do not want to see Tweets just because someone has a link with wordpress.com in it, what I am really after is seeing all the conversations and help request for WordPress. And by adding my Twitter name, I will see any replies or comments directed at or about me.

Using Twitter Search in this manner is a lot more functional than just trying to watch the stream of conversations from everyone I am following, you should give it try!

And you can follow me on Twitter at Twitter / CyberCoder