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Voice Over IP Free

Last October I started using OOMA VOIP and I have to say that it has been great.

In 6 months of using Voice over IP I have been very pleased with the service and functionality. And now they are offering a second number free. I can not find a reason to get a land line, or even try another VOIP plan since OOMA is free with their equipment and it allows me to use standard telephones instead of proprietary IP phones or headsets. I may even step up to their new Premier service for only $12.95, but for now what I have works great.

With my recent move there was nothing more for me to do than setup my VOIP hub when the broadband was installed. I really do not miss dealing with the phone company at all. I use inexpensive cordless phones with the system and the range is excellent throughout the house and deck.

OOMA is Available from Amazon (yes, that is an affiliate link!)

You can read more about OOMA at their Blog.

Home Network Wireless

I know, I know, just a few days ago I said “…home network wiring before I moved in…”, well the times have certainly changed. I realized real fast that this was not necessary.

The main PC is my desktop with a wired connection to the router on my desk. The other desktop is in another room and has been using a Linksys WET11 bridge to connect to the WRT54G Wireless Router. All the other computers are laptops with wireless connectivity.

One of the concerns I had was that a wall between the office and 2nd PC was lined with 1/4″ mirrors and that the signal would not be able to penetrate this. Once I placed the computers in their new locations and hooked up the network there was no reason to go any further. One pleasant surprise was how much better the Comcast signal was at the new location.

I will probably still be doing some wiring, but it is not a priority at the current time.

On a side note I found it interesting how many wireless networks are unsecured in my area. I took my Nokia N770 for a ride around the neighborhood and just let it cycle through a search of available networks. Apparently people just hook up their wireless router and start working without making any changes to the default setup. At least 75% of the wireless networks visible were simply named Linksys or Netgear.

OOMA has arrived

OOMAI received my OOMA this week and I can’t wait to get it installed and check it out. OOMA is a new VOIP provider that is offering all US calls for free, you just pay for the hardware.

With ooma you OWN YOUR DIALTONE. That means no monthly bills for unlimited US calling and premium features like the Instant Second Line™ and the Broadband Answering Machine™. Get the system David Pogue of the NY Times calls “diabolically clever-and crazily ambitious.” Source : www.ooma.com

There is a little delay in the fact that the original account was accidently setup as if I already had a landline. So I am just waiting on the system to take the conversion to non-landline into my account. I used the Chat feature on their website to handle the issue and I was very pleased with their support.

The only phones I have had since the last millennium have been cell phones so this should be a little different. Needless to say I am opting for the Non-landline version of OOMA. The only downside to the system is when the power or broadband is out I will not have telephone access. However, I am not giving up the cell phones so I am not really losing any features.

The OOMA packaging has to be the nicest I have seen in a long time.

Official OOMA site : www.ooma.com