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Search the Web

One of the things that can be a little frustrating is working with people who really don’t understand the Internet and how to use it. But, at the same time working with these same people can be a real education if we pay attention to what they are doing. My wife likes to remind me that people do not use the Internet like I do, I have too much experience and actually know too much sometimes for my own good. And the bigger problem comes in when we as technicial specialists start getting a little to secure in our knowledge. Don’t forget we all started somewhere, and we did not always understand everything we now take for granted.

With all this rolling around in my head I am always amazed to watch people search the web. Take the election news of the past week, you can bet that a lot of people will type McCainPalin.com into a search engine. My guess is that someone just bought some domains and took a guess that McCain would pick Palin as his VP. But this choice could pay for a lot of specualtion that was wrong. If you go to McCainPalin.com it is basically a one page site with an ad at the top. I would love to know what the traffic has been on this site so far.