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Mobile Plugin for WordPress

I highly recommend the WPtouch Mobile Plugin for WordPress if you want your WordPress site to have a compatible mobile touch version.

This plugin is as simple as most plugins to get installed and you can have your Mobile Version up and running in minutes.

For more information visit the BraveNewCode Inc. WP Touch page.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid or coerced post, just my opinion!

Cybers Ebay WordPress Plugin

The eBay WordPress Plugin is finally available.

The eBay plugin is very simple but effective. Once installed you input your EbayNetwork Campaign number into the settings, and how many ads you want to appear on each post.

Place the code <?php cybersebay(); ?> within the WordPress loop and you are set.

The first time you use the plugin you will add a Custom Field to your post with the Key name, ebay. And use the value to hold the keyword for this post to import eBay ads. From here on out, whenever you write a post, you can select the custom field key, ebay from the pulldown list and add the keyword you wish to show listings for.

Below is an example from another site. The article is titled “Fun Stocking Stuffers” and the keyword for eBay is “Christmas Stocking Stuffers”

During my testing of the plugin I received a $27 click, and that is certainly the highest valued click I have ever received !

And it is ONLY $17.00 !!

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I am also offering a 50% Affiliate Commission on this product, just click here for the details!

WordPress Blogroll Dropdown

Jill Salzman (momtrepreneur) asked me to create a dropdown blogroll for her blog to help cleanup a long list of bookmarks that she likes to share with her readers.

Here is an example of how the Blogroll Pulldown looks on her site.

Of course the first thing I always do is search for an existing WordPress Plugin or Function. While doing this search I came across The Information Gateway blog which has a post about just such a function to add a dropdown blogroll. I tried the code TIG has posted but there was a small problem with it, so I modified the code to get it working.

My revised code is available here, simply add the function to your themes function file, and make the appropriate call as outlined in the code.


Disable Magpie Cache in WordPress

Using RSS in WordPress can have a lot of benefits, however, there is also one major drawback. It will cause severe bloating of the WordPress Options table, and if the WordPress Options table is too large it will slow a blog down to a crawl.

To solve this problem you can clean out the RSS Hash entries using a plugin such as Clean Options. This plugin will also help you find and remove all those Orphaned records created by plugins that do not remove their own entries.

To stop Magpie from creating these entries in the future you can disable Magpie Cache by inserting the following into your WordPress Theme function file.

define(‘MAGPIE_CACHE_ON’, 0);