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Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) Shutdown & Pays Out

I first read about the Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN ) being shutdown at TechCrunch. The news did not surprise me as I had never seen anyone who had great success with the program. I myself tried it several times and could never get it to generate any income compared to Google Adsense.

I was even more surprised to receive a payment this morning that closed out my account. I am not sure that I had ever received a payment from YPN before, but I knew I had a little income left in the account, below the minimum payout.

So I must say Yahoo gets my respect for paying out on accounts that did not reach the minimum!

Thanks Yahoo for doing the right thing.

Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings

I just got an email from a company, (I am not going to print their name or link to them for several reasons), and here is what they told me …

…offers you a way to get your web site onto the first page of Google and other search engines guaranteed!…

I have not seen a guarantee for search engine placement in some time and I was hoping that people were not still falling for this. There is no way anyone can guarantee you that they can put your website on the first page of Google or any other top search engine. Yeah, they might be able to get a site listed for a term and actually get it on the first page, but to guarantee it is just crazy. Please do not fall for this.

Just think logically, even if they were that good, and everyone jumped on this program, there is only so much room at the top. If they signed up 500 sites for a term, how can they squeeze all those sites unto the top page, the print would be really small, lol.

Top Internet Properties

While reading the news about The Weather Channel being for sale today some interesting figures caught my attention. The Weather Channel’s website, Weather.com is listed by Comscore as the 16th best Internet property by unique visitors for the month of November, 2007. That is a very strong placement, just ahead of Facebook. And I thought my wife and I were the only Weather watching geeks around, lol.

And maybe a more interesting part of this study was the rest of the Top 50. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft own the Top 3 spots, no real surprise there. But look at the rest of the comScore Top 50 (table 3).  Ask.com at #9 and Target at #14 are unexpected, at least in my view.  And I did not even realize that Sears was still considered a major retailer, listed at #31.

The reports about the Weather Channel sale all place a large portion of the asking price on the website. All the suspected suitors are lining up, NBC, Time Warner, NewsCorp and Comcast. Hey, how about Google. At $5 billion it would just be a petty cash expenditure!

Plan your Blog, Blog your Plan

Same theory, different words. For years I have listened to business consultants say “Plan your work, work your plan”. A blog is no different. You just have to decide what it is you want to accomplish. Some bloggers just want people reading their blog, others want to make money blogging. Whatever the goal, managing your resources is a valuable key.

I work with a few bloggers very closely, and I see and hear the same thing often. “I can’t keep up”. The interesting part is that this same statement comes from a variety of blogger types.

I work a full time job, 50-55 hours a week, I own at least 60 domain names, and have 10+ blogs and websites that I am working.If you have more than one site, you need to manage your time and resources. Here are a few things I do that help me keep it all rolling.

  • Delegate – I have a couple of people writing for me. They get paid from the blogs that they write on.
  • Trade – I have traded skills with others. Garry Conn is a good example. He did the header graphic on this site, and I did some PHP programming for him.
  • Layout – It starts with my browser, when I start up, I have 9 tabs loaded as my home page. My Yahoo, Google, Gmail, Adsense, Analytics, Google Reader, Pandora, Google Docs and Google Trends. From this point I can see what is going on with my sites, and what is going on with others.
  • Glance first – Each time I sit down to work I glance at each tab to get an overview. This means I spend maybe 1 or 2 minutes on a tab. I do not answer emails at this point, or dig through stats. From here I can go back and work on what looked to be the most critical items.
  • Scheduled posting – I use WordPress and the scheduling has saved me a lot of time. An added benefit to the scheduling is releasing a post to publish early in the morning so by the time traffic is rolling my posts are already in the Blogsearch and at least the home page has been Indexed.

With this plan of attack I have been able to keep my full time job and get my online income to go from $25 to $2000 a month. And don’t kid yourself, luck plays a part in all of this too. And I have been lucky at times over the last couple years. But if you want to take advantage of luck, you have to be prepared. Are you prepared?