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Understanding keywords is essential to having success in driving traffic to your site.

The problem is usually that people see a hot topic and decide that is a great keyword. The most popular keywords are not always the best to use though. Sometimes it is better to dig a little deeper and find keywords that may not have the same volume of searches, and therefore do not have the high level of competition. It is very difficult to compete with keywords that get a million searches a month with the amount of other sites competing for the same keyword.

There are a lot of ways to go about digging up the best keywords. The manual process can be very time consuming. One of the tools I use is Micro Niche Finder (and yes that is an affiliate link).

Find what works for you best and stick with, but you can be sure that guessing is not the way to go.

3 thoughts on “Keywords Help

  1. Hey David, I bought MNF quite awhile ago when Garry first posted about it. I never really used it much until just last night when I ended up finding a great little niche that I just had to develop a site for.

    I should easily be able to hit top 5 in Google for the keyword since there is no competition whatsoever. Gonna work on the promotion of the site a little bit more today and it should turn into a nice little money maker.

  2. Fred when you load MNF look on the home page there you will find an updates link, cant remeber exactly what its called but just have a quick look and you’ll find it, also check your in-box Jason has sent out notification of updates and other cool things.
    Ive been MNF for just over 2 months now I think? and I cant stop creating niche mini site blogs from it, its insane really.
    I was pretty handy with finding niches but MNF makes it obsessive.

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