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Did that get your attention?

Not sure what it says about us, but key that headline into Google and you get 313,000,000 results. Yes, that’s 313 Million.

Everybody says they hate the get rich quick schemes, yet someone is digging for them and trying them.

Anyway, if you want to get rich quick, I certainly can not help you, if I could, I would and I would be rich myself. However, I may be able to help you at least pay for your hosting and buy dinner out.

I work on a site for a customer that had these numbers last month.

287 unique visitors, $52 of income.

Now, I realize that is not very much money. However, if you do that twice you can get a check for over $100 every month. And in my book $100 is worth something.

287 visitors is an average of 9 visitors a day, THAT IS ALL, 9.

C’mon, how hard can that be? And the total size of the site is 14 pages. Oh yeah, static pages, not a blog, just a good ol’ basic 14 page website. We have not changed ANYTHING in over a year.

Here is my punch list for this site.

  1. Focused Content – One subject, very little variance. They call this a “niche site” now, we used to call it a “small vertical market”.
  2. Google Adsense. – 2 Ad Units. One 336×280 above the fold, one 336×280 at the very bottom of the page, right after the last piece of content. The colors used are blended into the site, and each ad title is dark blue. Always use a blue because people still tend to thing a blue underline is a link.
  3. Sitemap. – Real simple. I use GSiteCrawler to build and upload the sitemap. Submitted to Google and Yahoo using their respective web pages.
  4. Analytics. – I like Google Analytics, it’s simple, web based and I can have all my accounts at my fingertips.


Always remember the old KISS rule, Keep It Simple, Stupid, or maybe now it should be Keep It Search Simple.

7 thoughts on “Make Money Online

  1. My dad was the first to teach me about KISS. It seemed he followed that rule most of his life and found quite a bit of success.

    Also setting goals and expectations that are attainable help too. If you go into a project saying that you want to make $100 dollars. That goal is reachable. Next month, say $300 and so forth. Excellent post David. It puts things into a position perspective for bloggers who want to make money. Nice work!

  2. So I believe you just cleared things up for me… I seem to have been drawn into trying to include all the necessary elements of a good blog, without having the “niche” content. I have been all over the place. Still to some I would fall into a wide “niche”, Computers, and all that they entail, but I need to dial it down a bit and stick to strictly hardware, like the name(s)suggests.


  3. For the most part, the tighter the focus, the easier it is to make money.

    However, once a site is rolling strong, it is possible to widen out the content.

    The best example I have is a music site I did. It was running pretty good, but just not as strong as we thought it should. When we narrowed the focus from Music, to Classic Rock, we were able to really get it going. Then we started expanding slowly to other music genres.

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