Making mistakes and being open minded

I think I like vlogging more than blogging.

I just felt a little rant coming on and Christine Senter inspired me with her guest post on, along with a comment there from Mark at

Remembering the basics is a key to success and it also reminds me that we have to admit mistakes and learn from them. Along with taking responsibility and accountability in our own actions.

3 thoughts on “Making mistakes and being open minded

  1. David, thanks for the mention! I liked your example about drawing upside down. That’s exactly what I had in mind with my comment and you put it so well. It eliminates your preconceived notions, that way you can look at things objectively. Good stuff. 🙂

  2. -Christine, Your post was a great and reminder of things we need to focus on.
    -Mark, Thanks, I think we all struggle with being objective in our own work some time.

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