Micro Niche Finder Update

As I have posted about before, Micro Niche Finder is one of my favorite new programs this year. I use it on a daily basis and highly recommend it to anyone who is blogging or researching search trends on the Internet. Since purchasing MNF I was having no problems and the system ran smoothly while keeping up with all my searches without a hitch.

A few days ago I starting getting some strange results. I noticed at the same time that I was having indexing problems on my XP box and decided to wait and see if it cleared up with a reboot. I rebooted and tried a couple of other things with no luck. I fired off an email to their support to see what type of response I would get, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Within a short amount of time I received and email that there was a patch to solve any problems. All I had to do was run the update and it would be fixed, and that is exactly what happened.

Thanks to the team at Micro Niche Finder. Great product, great support and quick response time. Not sure there is much more you could ask from a software developer!

Product Link : Micro Niche Finder

3 thoughts on “Micro Niche Finder Update

  1. It would be cool if you could score an interview with one of the developers of the program and get some insider info about the program. From what you have been saying about the program, it looks pretty cool. I haven’t bought it yet, but I am not objecting to it either.

    Talk to you soon.


  2. This program is awesome! David, I finally purchased it and I am not looking back!

    I just wrote a very controversial post on warning people NOT to buy things online that are supposed to make money.

    There are not many programs that I actually do purchase. So, when I do make a purchase… it is a SOUND purchase. You never have let me down once on your personal recommendations.

    MNF is the best thing I have seen in a long, long…. long time. Thanks for recommending it.

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