miio.com WordPress Group

If you are looking for a community to discuss WordPress, I would highly recommend the new miio.com WordPress Group.

miio is a new Social Network with a rapidly growing community of people. It’s a lot easier on miio to find people with the same interest as you, and the WordPress Group is a great place to talk about any WordPress issues you may have.

For more information on miio I would recommend The Next Web miio review by Brad McCarty and / or the miio blog.

3 thoughts on “miio.com WordPress Group

  1. I’ve been using WordPress for many years now and joined Miio when it went live just under two weeks ago.

    I’m really digging it and the WordPress group is great.

    Thanks for sharing this information with other WordPress users, Cybercoder! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the heads up David. You always have a way with finding great things before they go mainstream. Your tips allow all of us to get in on the ground floor before things get popular. Nice work!

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