New Google Adsense Ad Management

The new Google Adsense Ad Management has been rolling out to accounts with mixed reviews. At first I did not like it, but it is starting to grow on me. Currently you do not have to change all your Adsense code and it is 100% backwards compatible, but it would seem logical to expect there to be a timetable on that compatibility.

The Good….

  • You can change colors schemes and settings in your Adsense control panel and the changes will be reflected on your site live. No need to copy and past new code.
  • There is an Import old Adsense Code function to convert your existing code.
  • If an ad does not result in any pageviews in 7 days it will be marked as Inactive.

The Bad…

  • There is a new variable called “google_ad_slot”, just not sure we need another tracking device. And it is not clear if you can cross these over domains, or you need to make a new ad for each Domain.
  • It will be a lot of work to convert old pages to the new Adsense code.

The Ugly..

  • The system is extremely slow when converting. Each new ad takes 10-15 minutes to show up on a page.

Read the official release at the Inside Adsense Blog.

4 thoughts on “New Google Adsense Ad Management

  1. I also noticed that Google were making some changes on the ads code.

    BTW my Adsense earnings dropped remarkable in the last two weeks.

    Two weeks ago my eCPM drop by 27%, last week another 35%, now I’m less then 50% to my previuos value.

    Do you know if there is some other changes (a part the coding) going on ?


  2. -Alex, I think the change in the clickable area had the greatest impact on the changes with eCPM and CTR. That change eliminates accidental clicks.

  3. I’m of the opinion that the reduction of the clickable area should reduce only the CTR (which also has dropped in my case), but it should not affect the eCPM (which, if I’m not wrong, should be an indicaotr for how mcuh ou earn per click).

    What do you think ?


  4. Hopefully avoiding accidental clicks will all come together and mean better traffic being forwarded for advertisers and therefore more value per click. The annoying thing I’ve found it that 10-15min waiting time!

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