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Seems everyone wants the answer to the instant online income question.

After spending the last 20 years online in one form or another I can honestly say that there has never been another time that allowed us to make money so easy as there is right now on the Internet. Now having said that, I must also say that it is not as easy as some have come to believe.

I am not going to go through all the ways you can make money online, there are a thousand blogs out there that will do that for you. If you want a real condensed list I would recommend this Shoemoney video.

What I wanted to do today is tell you one thing. Keep an open mind.

Just because someone said this way or that way was good or bad is not enough reason to make your mind up on a system. And be willing to give things a second try. Something that did not fit you 2 years ago may now be a perfect match. As your time online increases and your knowledge evolves so do some of the systems you have experimented with in the past.

If you are really interested in online income, do not take things at face value and give them just 10 minutes of your time. There are no instant fixes. Yes, there are people who have had instant success, but most of those are cases that can not be duplicated due to a lot of factors. The word WORK should not be just another 4 letter word. But try to find the type of work that fits you, your style and your schedule.

Keep an open mind, every now and then go back and revisit things that you have looked at in the past.

You never know, that perfect online income source may be something you have overlooked or even tried before!

3 thoughts on “Online Income

  1. David said: “Something that did not fit you 2 years ago may now be a perfect match.”

    How true! If it wasn’t for getting my hands into WordPress, I would have never had the global understanding basic PHP, advanced HTML and CSS design.

    WordPress blogging has allowed me to take the skills I have learned from tweaking things and customizing as well as building my own themes into a professional, localized and worldwide web design business.

    I never really predicted that being something I would be providing as a business. But, so far to date, I can see that this will surpass any other venture I have done online, including my Google Adsense empire. 🙂

  2. I just got the buzz about this blogging craze just at the start of the year and I was surprised that so many people are earning a nice income from their blog. I only started blogging last January and I’m slowly inching my way to earn a decent online income through my blog, and yes I’ll be using wordpress soon, I’m using blogger’s free platform as of now. my blog at

  3. The other way is to employ an affiliate to promote one’s product or services. Accordingly when ever a sale is made a commission has to be paid to the affiliate. By this process six could make an wonderful sale of the products or services. Thus the affiliate programs provide advantage both to the seller & to the affiliate. The more the sales, more is the benefit to both the seller as well as the referrer.

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