Permalinks, Slugs and SEO

WordPress is a great SEO framework right out of the box. About the only thing you have to do is set the permalinks to a custom structure. One of the most popular permalink structure is /%postname%/, this will make the permalink compared to the original WordPress permalink which would be

WordPress also sets the slug (actual url link) to lowercase, and the title to proper case. So the link would be and the Title (anchor text) would be Custom Permalink. Such as Custom Permalink

These are important elements to consider and should not be overlooked, especially on self designed sites.

I have 30+ sites that are money makers for me that are not built on any system. They are a homegrown design that I developed over the last few years to utilize affiliate links and make money. I have always used a permalink structure that matched what I used on WordPress sites, except for setting the case. So the one small change I have made recently is to make the slug all lowercase and the title anchor text proper case. This change has really helped. I am seeing a much more consistent indexing and search results.

If you have any homegrown developed sites I would highly recommend working on the permalink and slug structures.

5 thoughts on “Permalinks, Slugs and SEO

  1. Yes, the /%postname%/ will show just the post title after the Domain name, where the month/date will add the month and date in between the domain name and the post name.

    There is no real value to having the month/date in the URL, and based on the way that Google puts weight on the depth of a URL it could be weakening the URL strength.

    1. It is a great package for starting out, giving you some quick benefit, but at the same time unless they have changed recently, All in One does nothing to help with any page where there is not a single title called out. So basically it helps on the home and post page.

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