Post Via Email On WordPress Blog

I have always been interested in this aspect of blogging but never took the time to slow down long enough to check it out.

This post is being accomplished using the Post via Email options in WordPress 2.51

I am toying with lots of ideas where this could be very beneficial and I
plan on writing up a detailed post on how to set this up easily on a
Wordpress blog.

5 thoughts on “Post Via Email On WordPress Blog

  1. I have quite a few WordPress blogs that use this feature. It’s quite fun actually, especially if you use that email addy and subscribe to a few email newsletters. 😉

  2. Are you no longer reading my blog? I see that you have removed it from your blogroll and I no longer see your avatar show up in the MyBlogLog widget on mine.

  3. Garry, I still read your blog as much as any other, I have just been so busy my reading has been very low priority.

    It is amazing what you can do with the email blogging feature, there are lots of benefits I think people have overlooked.

  4. Funny…I’m setting up a new blog at and I’m looking for info on the post by email…and guess who shows up in the results? lol

    One aspect that I’m looking for is tagging. Seems that there isn’t a way to put tags in the email and have them applied to the post on the other end. I could go with an auto-tagging solution I guess…but I’d rather not leave things to chance.

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