Posterous Posting to Hosted WordPress

Now that was easy. I guess the downside is that you have to give your username and password to Posterous so they can post. But that seems to be something that is happening more and more as the "social networking" consumes the Internet workspace. The other downside is that any files you post in your content will be hosted at Posterous.

Plus side, that was almost too easy and there will be those in the opposite camp for where any posted files will be hosted (at Posterous)

Posted by email from CyberCoder (posterous)

4 thoughts on “Posterous Posting to Hosted WordPress

  1. Hi, I google the content of posterous to go to your website, can i ask about your version of worpdress, it seems that I can post blog by poserous to wordpress, but there is something wrong the format. My wordpress version is 2.7.
    Thank you.

  2. Ben, when I wrote this post I was using WordPress 2.3 I believe.

    I did not continue using Posterous as I could not really see the value.

  3. Ben, we do support Posterous autopost to WordPress 2.7. If you are having any issues with the formatting or otherwise, please email

    The value of Posterous is in the rich media handling. Straight from iPhoto or Picasa email us 50 photos and you are done. We will scale and host everything, and create a rich photos gallery. All in seconds.

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