Read Your Own Blog !

Do you read your own blog?

Do you really look at your statistics?

I am always amazed when people tell me they really study their own blog and statistics. Then I will ask them what their Top Landing Page is, or what is the top keyword phrase used to find them. Invariably I get a little silence followed by something like, well uh, I THINK this….or I THINK that…..

Don’t think, KNOW. Any good stats package will give you the information, it is up to you to decipher it. And when you really look at it, there is always something to learn, especially in “How” people came to your site. If you are going after a keyword or keyword phrase is it working? Are people finding your site with those terms? And more importantly, what combinations did they use to find you that you did not plan on?

There are 3 parts to the equation.

  • What you think will happen.
  • What you planned to happen.
  • What really happened.

I can not tell you how many times I thought of an article I wanted to write, I had a great title and keyword phrase to help draw attention to it. I wrote the post, and the traffic started flowing. However, I discover that although my thoughtful keyword phrase was a good target, more people found me with a phrase that I did not specifically plan.

We tend to get caught up in thinking that everyone searches the same, and nothing could be farther from the truth. So, Read Your Own Blog, maybe you will see something that you did not see when you were writing it.

And ask yourself this !!

Would you subscribe to your blog?

6 thoughts on “Read Your Own Blog !

  1. I have been thinking about really concentrating on making key word rich posts as more people are filtering through to me through search engines.

    Which stats package would you recommend? I have been using Sitemeter but find them a little ahrd to decipher at times.

  2. I settled in with Google Analytics a long time ago. The downside is you have to install the script, the upside is that unlike other stat packages that read your logs you do not have to filter through having every image, and support file reported.

    I use (and highly recommend) Micro Niche Finder for my main keyword research.

  3. Hey Bloke, There are a lot of people using AWStats, as long as you are getting the info you need, then there is no reason for you to change.

  4. Hi David,

    yours are intelligent observations (as usual), altough I miss the second half of this topic, I mean HOW do you investigate which are the keyphrases which PAY you MOST (not the one which brings you most traffic, the two things doesn’t necessary be the same).

    Finally my experience. You for sure remember that I had a misterious pop-up on my blog containing a malware. Well I discovered it was generated by the script of the statservice
    Obviously I removed it, but I was missing a free statservice which is able to show me in real time what is going on. I don’t like a lot Google Analytics, because it is very slow (I still use a dial-up) and find good only for middle and long term stats, so I found and I’m now happy whith the Stats plugin.


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