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While the function of registering a Domain Name has not changed much over the last 13 years, the cost has certainly changed. Back in 1994 there were very few place to register your domain and the cost was high. I have used several Registrars over the years, including Network Solutions, NameSecure,, GoDaddy and my current favorite NameCheap.

Here is what I look for in a Domain Registrar.

  • Cost – No reason to pay more than $9.95
  • Interface – Should include a keyword search.
  • TLD’s (extensions) – I typically stick with the 2 majors, .com and .net, but I like the option for the others.
  • WhoisGuard – The ability to put WhoisGuard and hide personal information on the Whois. (currently included at NameCheap)
  • Push Domain – I like the ability to Push a Domain to another user. When you sell a domain this can save a lot of time and frustration.
  • Default Nameservers – Since I use a multi host system, setting the Nameservers to my server saves me a lot of time.

4 thoughts on “Register a Domain Name

  1. Great article CyberCoder. I am in the same boat too, although I didn’t purchase my first domain name until 1998. Back then, was awesome. I remember at that time, I could actually put a reserve on a domain name for free without having to put any money down. That was a great feature when you wanted a name but also wanted to sleep on it for a few days. Today; however, I use GoDaddy. I am sure the others are just as well… but I am the type of guy that sticks towards doing long term business with people and GoDaddy has never done me any wrong. In fact, they actually called me a few times to make me aware of some ways to help save me money, such as consolidating my domain names to save 10$ of renewals. That extra discount comes in handy when you own over 100 domains.

  2. was my favorite for awhile too Garry. I also have several domains with GoDaddy and I have always been happy with their support. Thanks for sharing the info.

  3. I remember paying $70 for a .com domain name in 1998. I use GoDaddy now as well to manage my domain portfolio. It seems to be the best choice for domain sales, since everyone can get a free account and recognizes their brand.

  4. Thinking back, $70 for a domain name would’ve been cheap considering the quality of the domains that were available back then and the price it could’ve sold for today. I also like to use godaddy now because it’s very simple to use and anyone can create an account.

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